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design t-shirts real men....

1. A strong dark captured shirt and a strong or designed red tie.

The dark shirt and red bowtie mix have been exceptionally prevalent throughout the most

recent couple of years. This is a sharp look, not to be worn by the swoon of heart. Other

famous combos incorporate plain silk ties in gutsy shading like gold, silver, and purple.

2. A light blue shirt with moment white stripes and a strong pink neck tie.

This look is about business, yet with somewhat of a grain tossed in. Pink was every now and

again a shading kept away from by the agent, yet it has absolutely made its mark a previous

couple of years.

3. A light yellow shirt with a light yellow and blue designer silk tie.

This is a phenomenal look on numerous men, specifically, those with a dim appearance, as

yellow normally supplements the skin tone. Stripes and shapes are a decent decision in a

designed tie for this sort of appearance.

4. A plain dim busted shirt with a designed bowie that elements some dark shading.

Dim is another shading that is truly making a resurgence with regards to men's busted shirt

and silk tie mixes. A solid example is an absolute necessity all together for this watch not to

end up plainly outdated.

5. A little light red and white striped nabbed shirt and a designed tie in comparable hues.

For a bowie with bigger stripes, the shirt is the way to looking great. In the event that you

are doing an example, make certain it has a similar shade of the caught shirt with the goal

that it doesn't look excessively occupied. A necktie can likewise be worn with this look.

6. A green shirt with a dim tie and coordinating green stripes.

Any example can truly be worn with this look, the length of the green in the tie matches or

supplements the green of the shirt. Men with green eyes look specifically great in this


7. A little checker-designed darker busted shirt and bigger checker-designed silk tie.

This is another search for the overcome, as it can without much of a stretch be

overcompensated and cause even more a geeky style than the smooth look most folks are

going for. To pull out all the stops, make sure you have coordinating hues and that the tie

has the bolder example.

8. A rich plain purple-hued caught shirt with a designer silk tie.

A profound purple is mainstream in this combo, just like a tie with a striking example, similar

to paisley. A necktie, as a rule, works with this look also.

9. A dull busted shirt with a silk tie in a similar shading, yet a couple shades darker.

This has been a to a great degree well-known style in the course of the most recent couple of

years. When attempting, make sure you get a silk tie that is a few shades darker than the

apprehended shirt, as a difference is truly expected to force this look off.

10. A white apprehended shirt with any way of a hued tie.

On the off chance that doing a dark tie for this look, make sure to include a silly detail like

astounding sleeve fasteners to shield the look from getting to be abused. This is the blend

that you can have some good times with, as no tie is the truly off farthest point with a white

shirt. Simply make certain you keep the silk tie in the expert, cool or "fun" go, and don't

plunge down to the cloche?d or insane region.

These are probably the most embraced caught shirt and bowie mixes, yet that doesn't

mean you can't blend, match and locate your own style among them!

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